KINDOF.COM seeks to represent the opposite of "kind of," as when people say, "I'm kind of interested in that." Or, "I'm kind of upset about that." Why, these days, can we not be interested or upset or... without diluting it all the time with those two words? Start listening to what people say and you will hear "kind of" inserted so often and in such the wrong places that, once your ear is tuned to it, you will be stunned by its frequency. Send me some good examples to post!

Here is the first in what I hope will be a series of tales & views of the undiluted kind.
A first person report of a 15 year old & what he did one summer. He got a new heart!!
Milo's Heart
2/26/00 installment!

After he wrote these Milo wrote...
"I am greatly interested in any questions or comments that anybody may have in reading the article or viewing this website.
Please if you have the time, take the time to. I have to wonder what everyone is thinking about seeing this.
I know what I feel but am not so sure about others. Thanks a lot :)
--please send them to and I will forward them.

Milo's wonderful article was in the San Francisco Examiner on February 22, 2000
His picture was on the front page next to Bobby Bonds!!
The link I had seems to have gone stale, but maybe you can help find it.

girl in Todos Santos, Guatemala
Another matter of the heart--the loss of a mother

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